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How to Transfer TV Shows from iPod to Computer?

Have you ever thought watching the TV shows on the iPod? We can image it would be very wonderful, but most of people don’t know how to transfer TV show from iPod to computer, here we highly advise users to read this blog and learn the tips how to move TV show from iPod to computer.

Once you’ve made the purchase, though, the experience is a bit different from songs. In order maintain high video quality, TV show files are very large.

To transfer the TV shows from iPod to computer, you can try the iTunes.  For iPod users, you can buy one episode at a time or a whole season from the iTunes Store and you can watch on your iPod, computer, or widescreen TV using Apple TV, but it cost $1.99. If you feel it’s trouble to download TV show from iTunes, you can follow this guide to download TV show for free.

Tip: iPod users also can transfer music from iPod to computer with  iPod to comptuer app.

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More TV programs are being offered for sale and download via the iTunes store. For anyone looking to turn their more-than-music player into a mini traveling television, here are the steps to sync TV shows to the iPod and learn how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes library

With the increasing demand for TV shows on DVD and the ability to record them with a DVR, fewer people are tuning in to television the old fashioned way–during the prime time broadcast. Even Apple’s iPod is offering users the ability to watch television while on the go.


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